'02 -'06 Honda CRF450R Full Engine Rebuild Video Manual

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'02 -'06 Honda CRF450R Full Engine Rebuild Video Manual

Paul Olesen - Workshop Chronicles + DIY Moto Fix

The Full Engine Rebuild How-To Video Manual comes with everything you need to have a successful disassembly, inspection, and reassembly. We include a complete tool list, torque specs list, a model year specific part numbers list, all the necessary Honda service specifications, and a rebuild worksheet to help you follow along. 

The Video Manual includes eight video chapters that take you through the rebuild step-by-step:

Chapter 1. Removing the engine from the frame

Chapter 2. Splitting the crankcases

Chapter 3. Inspecting and replacing the transmission

Chapter 4. Inspecting and preparing the piston and cylinder

Chapter 5. Inspecting and installing the cylinder head

Chapter 6. Adjusting the valve clearances

Chapter 7. Reassembling the cylinder head and covers

Chapter 8. Installing the engine back into the frame

The Full Engine Rebuild Video Manual is instantly downloadable and viewable on your desktop or mobile phone in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start fixing your bike immediately.

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You get: 8 Video Chapters, The Complete Tool List, Torque Specs List, Part Numbers List, Service Specs List, and Rebuild Worksheet.

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